Smart Blocks

Most people have come to know Tetris through hours of playing around the world. Right now, Aidem Systems Inc. considers your eager demand, and designs a clone version of it on the Smartphone for you. With 10 levels and admirable background, you can simply kill your boring time especially when you are waiting for the MRT.

For the Tetris beginner: shaped blocks fall into a plane where you must arrange them so that they can fit neatly? The more blocks you can place into a horizontal line simultaneously, the more score you can get.

So, are you ready? GO!! But, remember to take a break every few hours!!!!

How To Play Smart Blocks:
1. To start a new game, click the "Start" or "Restart" button.
2. To play Tetris, simply use the left and right arrow keys to navigate the block left and right.
3. To rotate blocks, press the up arrow button.
4. To quickly decline blocks, press the down arrow button

Changes Description:
* In version 1.20, you can pause the game by pressing '#' key.
* In version 1.30, we fixed the problem in compatible with Smartphone 2003.
* In version 1.31, we fixed the font problem in dialogs.

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