Photo Caller ID

Photo ID has been nominated for a 2005 Best Software Award in the "Caller ID Tools" category by the Pocket PC magazine staff and our Board of Experts!


There are 2 components in Photo Caller ID, a Photo Contacts and a Caller ID.
The Photo Contacts can let you add all people in the contacts with photo, thus, you needn't be afraid that will forget who is this person. The photo type contacts management can improve your memory greatly, let you remember each person by photo.

In addition, when the people in your address phone are calling you, the Caller ID program will display caller's phone number, name and his photo.

The main features of Photo Caller ID are :

1. Supports 3 different view mode : List View, Icon View and Detail View.
2. Integrate system's contacts database and SIM card's contact database.
3. Supports photo viewer lets you easily assign photos to contacts on the phone.
4. You can send E-Mail/SMS to any person through Photo Contacts.
5. Supports the most popular image formats, such as BMP, JPEG and GIF.
6. You can load your photos on main memory (flash memory) or extended memory (SD/MMC card) .
7. The Photo Contacts will adjust your photo dimension automatically.
8. The Caller ID supports 10 pre-designed GIF animation background themes.
9. You can use left and right direction key to switch displayed phone number (Mobile/Home/Work) in the icon view mode and list view mode.
10.Supports dial hot key in Photo Contacts.

Here are same examples of Photo Caller ID :

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