This is an exciting shooting game. In this game, just like scenario of film, your mission is to destroy all of the meteoric stones, or the earth will be hit by these meteoric stones. If the earth been fierce struck, doomsday will come too.

Come to have a try of your skill quickly, see whether you can become a hero who saves the earth too!

How to play this game :
1.You can use arrow keys (up, right, left and right) to move the rocket.
2.You have to shoot all of the meteoric stones to destroy them. If you miss any one of the meteoric stone, your power will be decrease one cell. When the power reach zero, your mission is failed.
3.In the end of each level, there comes a big meteoric stone. It needs many shoots to destroy it. If the big meteoric stone reach the bottom of the screen, then game is over. Both of the rocket and earth were destroyed by it.

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