Majong Paradise

Majong Paradise is the winner in Games Card Games in Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine's Fifth Annual Best Software Awards 2005!

Majong Paradise has been nominated for a 2005 Best Software Award in the "Card Games" category by the Pocket PC magazine staff and our Board of Experts!


Majong is a ancient game of the mandarins. It is popular in China,Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan. It is almost the most popular game between Asian. Aidem releases a new version of Majong game - the Majong Paradise. It is the succeeded of the old game they developed - Majong Academy. The most remarkable difference between the Majong Paradise and the tranditional Majong games is that You may make a Chee any time the opponent discards a tile. Because there are only two players (including you) in this game. If you would like to be a master of Majong games, or you want to to learn the inside of Majong games, welcome and join us. Majong Paradise will teach you the ancient game and make you a professional player.

Not only in the above areas, Majong Paradise Pocket PC version is also popular with the Toshiba Pocket PC users in German.

Note : If you don't know how to play majong game, you can download our online help file for reference. Click here to download

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