AIDEM File Explorer

AIDEM File Explorer has been nominated as a Best Product in the "File Management" category by Pocket PC Magazine in USA.

AIDEM File Explorer is a powerful utility that helps you handling your files. You may enhance the file management functions in your Pocket PC. Most of the functions are also similar to Windows File Explorer, So you may save a lot of time to learn AIDEM File Explorer.
With the particular "Recycle Bin" function, you don't have to worry about deleting the wrong files by mistakes. Because you can rescue them any time you want. Besides, You may disable or enable the "Recycle Bin" as you like. And you may choose main memory or storage card as the "Recycle Bin" buffers. In a word, AIDEM File Explorer is a must have file management tool for your Pocket PC.

The main features of the AIDEM File Explorerare listed below:
1.Microsoft Windows Explorer-like user interface.
2.Supports all standard explorer features and more
3.Supports "Recycle Bin"

4.Supports clipboard functions (Copy, Cut, Paste, Paste shortcut).
5.Supports file and folder properties.
6.It records the recent 10 directories you switched in. You may go back to the directory much fast and conveniently.
7.You may define your favorite folders for fast folder access.
8.Supports file and text search function.
9.Supports infrared receiving and transmission.
10.Supports extended file filter
11.Opening file with single or double tap

Update Description:
New features of AIDEM File Explorer 2.00 :

1.Enhance the speed in switching folder.
2.Support data compression technology for recycle bin, it will reduce the file size to 30% - 70%.
3.You can set the lifetime of files in recycle bin
4.You can adjust the maximum capacity of recycle bin.
5.Support 40-bit & 128-bit file encryption.
6.Support file dumping function, you can view the raw data of a file in hex decimal mode or character mode.

Upgrade to 128-bit file encryption

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